As designers its important to look at the environment around us and imagine how certain experiences can be improved. While our skill set allows us to create "beautiful" and "intuitive" interfaces, we should also be thinking as innovators who can change the way people behave. Now theres many ways to do that, but since I've been focused on Apps, I thought it would be interesting to show how I come up with and design a mobile product. 

The Idea

So lets start with a problem. I love eating food (that's not the problem!) Most of the time before visiting a restaurant I would search up reviews online to make sure the place is good. But over time I learned that ratings alone can't be trusted.  I once saw several upset comments for an authentic Japanese place because they did not serve "standard" California Rolls. Another time I had an amazing burger at a restaurant recommended by a friend, and found out afterwards that the place had a single rating of 2/5 stars because the person did not enjoy their Fish and Chips. 

I can list more examples but the bottom line is that we should not be choosing restaurants based off an average rating out of 5. And so here is a bold idea: Why not build a Restaurant Recommendation App based purely on positive experiences? 

We all love taking pictures of our #foodporn moments. Visually showing off to our friends that we just had the | most | wonderful | dining | experience and watching the comments flow in about how jealous they are stimulates us. For me, seeing people post these moments make me want to experience what they enjoyed. 

I don't care about the bad. Show me what's good and that's what I will eat. 
Jason's Dumpling House makes the best steamed pork buns and pot stickers that you've ever had? Cool, that's what I'll try! But since nobody mentioned the burritos that they make, I probably won't have any expectations for that. 

For the purpose of moving forward, lets assume we've done all the hypothesis testing, persona crafting, use case listing and concluded that this crazy idea could work.


I'm going to jump straight into designing on Photoshop, because I work most quickly this way. Keep in mind most designers will start off sketching and wire framing some concepts. A flowmap would also come in handy at this stage to ensure the navigational structure of the app makes sense.