Designer. Co-founder of Previously @ Thanx.

Jason Li + Global Hackathon Seoul

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Resume has been customized for this hackathon application.

Hello, thanks for visiting my application page! 

My name is Jason Li. Born in 1991, raised in Canada and currently working as a Designer in San Francisco. I graduated from the Accounting and Financial Management program at the University of Waterloo, Canada. 

I'm a self-taught designer experienced in creating interfaces for web and mobile (iOS). Previously, I co-founded (and failed!) a company, and now I happily work as Designer #2 at an 18-person startup. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and one day I will certainly successfully run my own company. 

Global Hackathon Seoul combines several of my favorite things: entrepreneurship, design, and Korean culture. I have been itching to hack out one of my many startup ideas, and hopefully Seoul will be the venue to make this happen. 

I won't repeat any more of whats already been said in my official application. In the mean time please browse around and have a look at my design work.

Thanks for your time.